Our Sales Policy
Current delivery policies:
Due to increasing gas prices delivery is limited. For totals $75-125 we will meet 30 minutes from Brainerd.  For totals $125 + we will meet up to 1 hour from Brainerd.  We do make frequent trips to St. Cloud and the Twin Cities, deposit required before bringing animal(s).
We also travel to IA on occasion.  We also may be able to deliver farther for gas payment.  Feel free to inquire about upcoming trips. 

Non-refundable 50% of purchase price required if we are traveling with the animal, remainder in MO or cash upon meeting.  *Only exception is if taking animal to applicable event, chin to chin show, bird to bird fair, etc; then 25% required.  This is in place as we then have to change hotel accomodations to account for an animal not picked up.

Shipping is not an option for most purchases at this time.  The nearest airport to safely ship animals is a 6 hour RT for us.  Rare exceptions made be made on multiple purchases; due to the distance gas charges will apply.

Birds are sold when weaned, rare exception to experienced hand-feeders.  All babies sold are hand-fed unless otherwise stated.  Chicks are not sexed unless sex-linked genes allow it.  Sexing can be done at buyers expense, $25 through Avian Biotech.  Not available to find a particular sex unless approved, just to find out if your baby is a boy or girl.

Chinchillas are sold at 8 weeks or older.  They are weaned at approx 7 weeks and monitored for 1 week minimum.  All chins come with full pedigree(unless stated).
Chinchillas come with a care package or food and hay.
If you do purchase a chinchilla that turns out to be pregnant from here, notify us and I will provide the info on the sire.  We do not require a kit in return but a good deal on a kit is appreciated. ;)

General Info:

We do ask that if for whatever reason you arent able to keep the animal you purchased from us, you let us know and offer us a chance to buy the animal back.  We can also help with rehoming them or pass info onto those looking.
If you are wanting an animal that is not yet ready; we will hold it for a $25/25% deposit(whichever is greater).  Deposit is non-refundable unless sale is cancelled due to health of animal. Deposit transfers must be approved and new animal purchased within 6 months(per availability). Animals must be picked up within 2 weeks unless prior arrangement are made, if later date is agreed upon, must be picked up by that time.
Feel free to contact us with any questions.




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