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If you or someone you know are unable to keep their animal, we provide an alternative to a humane society.  We have taken in many chinchillas in the past and have 100% placement rate.  We screen all adopters, chins only go to "pet-only" homes.  We do not  charge anyone to turn in animals, but we also do not pay for animals turned in.

When adopting a rescued animal, a non-breeding contract is required.  This contract states that the animal(s) must not be bred or resold.  If you breed the animal or attempt to resell it we have the right to reclaim the animal.  Your signed contract gives us permission to do so.  For these animals, buyers must be 18 years old.  The animals safety is the number one concern.  As a result we do not require chins to be spayed/neutered due to the risk associated with the surgery to chins.

All animals will have an adoption fee.  I feel a fee is important to avoid the "animal collectors" looking for free animals.   Adoption fees are less than the "going price" for a similar animal.  On occasion, fees maybe negotiable; primarily if we have a larger number of rescues.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Animals available here are from owners unable to keep their pets or animals from a rescue situation.  We will also list here any animals from our herd needing a pet-only home.  Any animals that have been together will be rehomed together, pending safe situations.