Other places to go and see
Interested in your site being listed?  We only allow family friendly sites, we have kids as well.  We also require a return link.

Barefoot Aviary: friend who raises birds in the Fargo area.  She attends many bird fairs as well. 

Chinchilla Rave:  Also close friends who raise chinchillas, both standard and mutation colors, she currently has stopped breeding due to getting custody of her niece but plans to start again in the future

Sir Chin Links-a-lot:  Chinchilla breeders throughout the country

Empress Forum: Chinchilla Breeders Resource, very helpful information from many large and very experienced breeders.  The forum I go to with any questions.

Chins-n-Quills: forum for chinchilla owners and breeders as well as for those with hedgehogs.  Very helpful information and classified listings as well. 

Classifieds/Breeder Listings
MN Caged Bird Connection: yahoo classified groups for people in MN who are looking for or selling birds or supplies.  Dennis and I started this group to connect MN bird buyers and sellers.

Up at Six:  Classified ads for birds and supplies.

Avian Biotech:  This company does bird DNA sexing from feathers as well as blood samples.  This is who we use for all of our DNA sexing.  They also have a classifieds site.

Hoobly:  They have many ads for everything you can think of.  Very easy to use, search by category or area.

Kijiji: Classified sites, many categories in many areas

Little Critter Sites:  Breeder listings for small animals, search by animal or state

MCBA:  Mutation Chinchilla Breeders of America-this group has informational meetings regarding health, reproduction, showing and overall care of chinchillas.  Most branches also have chinchilla shows.  We belong to the Midwest Chapter,  Dennis is currently president and I am sec/treasurer.  

Empress Chinchilla: This group has information meetings and seminars, very actively involved in showing and putting on shows.  We are a member of the Southern MN branch of the Heartland group.

If you are interested in joining either group, please contact us.

Miscellaneous Links

Blood Arena: This is a turn base game, where you train warriors in your guild to battle other guilds.

Northern Tool and Equipment: Company where Dennis works, a "man's website".  "Where warriors go to Battle" *if calling in the evening, ask for Dennis :)

Camphor Chins: Alli's personal website with most everything your chin could need for toys and treats and cage accessories.  She makes it all and has gifts for your other canine and feathered friends as well.  Wonderful products for very reasonable prices.

If you would like your website to be listed; please contact us.  We do ask that you in turn list our website.  Thanks

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