Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do you offer a health guarantee?
Yes we offer a 72 hour health guarantee for birds and chins.  That allows you time to get your pet checked by the vet.  If for some reason, exams shows the animal is unhealthy, we will return your money.

2. Has the bird/chin had a vet check?
No our babies are not brought to the vet before selling.  We do encourage you to do so after purchase as a general check-up.  We monitor the parents health as they are dependent on the babies health. 

3.  Does it come with a cage?
No, none of the animals come with a cage.  (Some rescues may but it WILL be listed with their info.)  We do at times have used cages available for purchase, inquire about availability.  We do on occasion have used cages available for sale as well.

4. Can you set us up with everything we need?
Yes we can get everything ready to go for you.  At times we can set you up with bird supplies below cost.  Most of the times we will go to the local pet store.  This is great for parents getting as gift, etc. for their child. We will give you an estimated cost for supplies and will require that amount prior to us purchasing it.

5. Is the baby bird sexed?
Most babies are not sexed unless species or sex-linked colors allow.  We can DNA sex your baby for an additional $25.  This will be done through Avian Biotech.  This only covers if you are interested in knowing the sex of your baby.  We do not sex entire clutches for a particular sex.

6. Are you able to hold a baby for me until weaned?
Yes we can hold a baby for you.  We do require a deposit be sent to hold your baby.  If you chose not to send a deposit, we may not be able to hold it for you.

7. Can I be placed on a waiting list and do I have to pay for that? What is the process after it is born/hatched?
Yes we can place you on a waiting list, it is free.  Upon babies being born/hatched, we will notify you.  You then can choose to place one on hold. 
Once the baby is several weeks (3-4) we do require a deposit to hold.  The 25%/$25 deposit is non-refundable, it can be be transferred to the same animal type within 6 months or if none available in that time, the next available.

8. Can I visit my baby before I get it?
Yes we can arrange visits in most circumstances.  Baby chinchillas must be 2 weeks old and birds must be 2 weeks out of nest box.

9. How soon do I have to pick up a baby after weaning?  Babies must be picked up within 2 weeks of when we tell you they are ready unless prior arrangements have been male.  We reserve the right to charge a daily fee after that time or relist the baby.

10. I inquired on a chin/bird a week ago and it was available.  Now it has been sold, why?
We at times get 10-15 inquiries a day on a specific animal. Unfortunately we are unable to hold an animal based on a general inquiry.  When someone says they definitely want an animal, we will hold it pending deposit on an unweaned or arrangement to pick-up if ready to go.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email and we will answer as soon as we can.
Thank you

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