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located near Brainerd, Minnesota

I(Kari) have returned to college so we will be having very limited chinchillas for sales over the next couple years.  Runs and equipment are NOT for sale as we will be rebuilding once college is done.

Our birds are all happy and set up in their "sunshine" bird room and several pairs are nesting and on eggs.  Hand-feeding a variety of colors of cockatiels, $40-60.

We are more than happy to answer; to the best of our ability; any questions you may have.   ***We are not vets and if the situation is an emergency, seek vet treatment.  We base our answers on our experiences and resources.***

We raise conures, caiques, cockatiels, and a few other birds.  Current availability will be on the sales page, includes babies we are hand-feeding.

For chinchillas, we have standard gray, black velvet, mosaic, beige, and ebony in breeding.  Our chinchillas come from some of the countries top lines.  We want only the best for the species and only breed to improve towards recognized quality characteristics.  We are active in showing to keep improving the quality in our animals.  

Since we are small breeders, we may not have all animals available at all times; by staying small all animals get personal attention.

If you are unable to keep your bird or chinchilla, please let us know and we can take them in.   You will be asked to sign a surrender form.  We are an alternative to a pet shelter; many of whom are unequipped to deal with the special needs of birds and chins.

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